About Retro Empire

Who are we? Well, we are the kind of guys that spent far too much time playing on our GameBoys when we were younger. Like any kids in the 90's, we also spent plenty of time on consoles like NES, Mega Drive and Playstation but we love portable gaming. Mobile games were also silly little things, like Snakes on the old Nokias, the original versions of Ashalt by Gameloft on the Sony Ericsson Walkmans and even some of the early Androdi stuff was… still just basic. Then came probably one of the most underrated devices ever, Sony's Xpreria PLAY.

Mobile gaming is an ever expanding arena of innovative ideas and creations that has been enhanced by modern technology like smartphones and the ever expanding online world. We bring it all back to reality where there is only one ultimate way to play games… using a joypad.

The Joypad is very much like the invention of the wheel. You can find ways of flying or floating but no matter how hard you try, you will always come back to the wheel. It is an essential tool for playing video games and it will always be.

So JoypadJedi is an online portal we have put together, dedicated to finding the best games, hardware and tools for enhancing mobile gaming. ok, so we are heavily focused on Android but we are open to other mobile platforms either now or in the future.

One day I dream of this database being a community with hundreds of other gamers from across the world, contributing their finds, experiences and tips for mobile gaming. If you indeed want to contribute something, then please chuck us an email, we'll be happy to hear any suggestions.

Email - sales@retroempire.uk |   - See us on youtube